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A student project originally showcased at Level Up 2018 in Toronto, Canada, Chiaroscuro is an atmospheric puzzle game wherein restless Light and Dark spirits help each other find peace and move on to the afterlife. Featuring co-op first puzzle design, up to two players must manipulate sources of light and shadow to help each character reach their respective room exits.


  • 10 two-player local co-op levels
  • Optional single player mode
  • Original piano soundtrack composed by University of Toronto music students


Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers are recommended: the development team cannot guarantee that other controllers will work as intended.

Control your character with the left analog stick, and use the A button to interact with objects such as bookcases, curtains, and light switches. Each of the game's 10 puzzles are designed with two-player local co-op in mind, but an optional single player mode is available: switch between characters using the Y button.

Note: This game is no longer being supported by the development team. As this was a student project, there may still be performance issues or bugs present in the build. We apologize for any inconvenience potentially encountered.

Install instructions

Download the executable and .zip archive to the same folder, then extract the archive such that the Data folder is next to the executable. From there, double click the executable to run the game.


chiaroscuro.exe 22 MB
chiaroscuro_Data.zip 115 MB

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